Passenger Information

Communicate with your passengers on various channels through one centralised platform. We provide in-vehicle information systems that can be integrated in all kind of vehicles and at-stop information systems to show next departures. We integrate within your app, website and social networks as well to simplify your communication process.

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Passenger Information Systems

In-Vehicle Passenger
Information System

Display on-going & upcoming trips, connections and disruptions automatically.

Platform allows for multi-channel communication to reach passengers through all majors medium (social networks, website, in-vehicle, at-stop).

Advertising is supported to maximise ROI. Rights can be delegated to an external advertising agency.

WebApp and App
White Label

Provide passengers with a multimodal itinerary search engine.

Display realtime delays and disruptions.

Allows passengers to buy their tickets within your app and website.

Bus Stop and
E-Paper Information System

Display scheduled and realtime next departures according to current disruptions.

Dedicated communication channel for passenger communication and advertising.

Solar-powered e-paper display are supported and provide the same realtime features.

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