The Federal Office of Transport (FOT) requires public transport companies to equip vehicles with Passenger Information Systems. This is to ensure that the information is transmitted correctly, that all passengers are integrated through the LHand (law on equality for the disabled) and that the data to be displayed is efficient.

Thanks to an advanced architecture vision for data collection and processing, GateMedia stands out for the realization of fully integrated, dynamic and predictive passenger information systems. It thus offers public transport companies a high-performance response that goes beyond short-term requirements, enhancing the public transport’s value with respect to the OFT directives. A technological offer in line with the wishes expressed by the public and political authorities for soft mobility.

A heterogeneous environment

Solutions cannot be provided to public transport companies without a complete and true integration of the available data, to distribute it in a targeted manner to all the players: passengers, peripheral media visitors, operators and authorities.

Moreover, in order to bring the right information to the right place, it is necessary to inter-connect various technologies and systems in order to aggregate, process and communicate the information on the appropriate medium: screens intended for the public (embedded screen or mobile) or to make live or synthesized in realtime.

The protocols available are different from one device to another and linking them represents a major challenge completely mastered by GateMedia. Each public transport company uses different hardware and one of the strengths of GateMedia is indeed to inter-connect all these different systems. GateMedia offers a set of perfectly integrated systems and software that allows to cover all the needs expressed and more, thus acting as a technological proposal force.

Information Intelligence

Intelligent Screen

The screens offer a display of contextual and dynamic information according to the regulation manoeuvres: automated deviation info, suppression of stops, route modifications, “on-the-fly” update of the line thermometer, all the data is captured and delivered from the GateMedia systems.

Information on the next departures is displayed in real time, taking into account possible disruptions. The audible announcements selectively reproduce the information on the screens according to the operator’s instructions.

In terms of information distribution, regulatory notices are number 1, marketing information is number 2 and sales promotion is number 3. Thanks to integrated geolocation, it is possible to favor local players along the route and offer them targeted communication according to the vehicle’s movement.

A centralization of data for an inter-connection of systems

The global management of information administration is orchestrated by SIV Admin, GateMedia’s proprietary SaaS platform. All the information is managed on this same platform. The passenger information computer interconnects with the vehicle’s LED displays. But also, it is also connected in 5G/4G in order to get the information in real time, wherever it is located. Finally, it connects to the vehicle’s on-board computer in order to retrieve the vehicle’s technical data in real time.

GateMedia manages multiple parts of the screen simultaneously and independently, thanks to its unique technology, a guarantee of economy and performance. The thermometer and the useful and commercial information are fully integrated and coordinated via the SIV Admin administration.

A clear and engaging result for public transport companies

The FOT has given excellent marks to public transport companies equipped with GateMedia solutions.

The vision offered by GateMedia for data integration and information broadcasting applied to transportation allows to go beyond the FOT’s immediate requirements, to the benefit of passengers and public transport companies.

The implemented components are enhanced to precisely match their function and constraints, in the strictest compliance with standards.

Passengers are provided with comprehensive real-time information. They have access to ticketing, schedules and operator information about the network’s situation at all times and on the media of their choice.

The operator has a system for managing information data, if necessary on the fly, enabling it to target required announcements precisely. The impact on information management takes on a new dimension.

A proven and long-lasting solution

The whole architecture is unique, fully mastered, and the know-how is transmitted to the operator according to his needs.

For a few years now, several hundreds of vehicles have been circulating daily with GateMedia technology and broadcasting information to a few hundred thousand people.

GateMedia technologies are ready to respond immediately to the new requirements posed by the political and public will for soft mobility, at all levels of the public transport services.

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