Digital intelligence in the management of financial flows.

As key players in the connected mobility ecosystem, financial institutions are facing the challenges of multi-channel, automated and real-time information complexity.

Injecting intelligence into data, providing relevant information through the right channels and managing financial transactions in real time are just a few of the challenges we help to address.

Financial Institution

Banking and Accounting Interactions.

We connect to banks, card issuers and accounting systems to enable the automation of transactions and other financial data in a PCI DSS compliant manner.

We also interface with all kinds of PSPs and acquirers for e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions.

Real-time information

Our know-how in the management of real-time information enables us to offer innovative solutions in terms of payment flow and transactions management.

Moderation of payments, authorization of banking transactions, expenses management and automation to accounting systems are part of the services we offer.

Information aggregation and intelligent reporting

We provide the ability to connect different financial systems together and offer tools to analyze and aggregate all this data from multiple channels in real time.