Public communication has never been so close to the citizen.

Delivering the most relevant information, at the right place and in real time, belongs to the present for any municipality, institution and conglomeration concerned about access to information for everyone.

From the urgent to the essential, from the official to the commercial, urban information is dynamic and interesting.

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Choosing the place, time and medium.

Appropriate organization of public communication requires promptness and proximity. It is from its proprietary content management platform that GateMedia facilitates the creation, editing and immediate or scheduled distribution, textual or illustrated, of all your communal, local or regional information. The contents, coming from various sources, are combined and distributed at will on e-papers and traditional screens.

Allowing information to go where and when it needs to go.

E-paper : proximity technology.

GateMedia brings e-paper to facilitate public and event communication. The medium fades away to give value to the content. The e-paper, powered by solar energy, is an ultra-light technology with low consumption that ensures the mobility of information. It can be placed in essential locations to be close to the public to increase messages' impacts. Ultra-thin and ultra-light, e-paper displays allow precise information. The e-paper information points, fixed or mobile, are connected and reachable in 3G/4G or wi-fi. Their contents are therefore easily updated remotely.

Ergonomic - Durable - Mobile :
so that your fellow citizens want to read you.

Decentralize information and make it mobile.

Elaborate a decentralized communication architecture, distribute autonomous e-paper supports, install mobile displays at strategic locations: this for public, urban, emergency, event informations at the service of the reader. GateMedia communication architectures adopt an urban design and consolidate the public communication network, always with the right content. GateMedia brings you state-of-the-art turnkey solutions.

GateMedia brings you tailor-made, proven solutions, and allows citizens to easily access the information provided.

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